Contact Optical Sound for Family Videos – We specialise in Video Recording Weddings (Click on button “Wedding Videos” for more information and “Reviews” for letters from customers). We will also record Christenings, parties, sports events, theatre productions (special rates for schools) and videos for friends and relatives overseas -You name it if we can we will cover it !

Contact Optical Sound for Education and Training Videos – If you have an idea for an Education or Training Video telephone us to discuss it. Education and Training Videos don’t have to cost a fortune, and in many cases we will make a training video with no capital outlay on your part.

Contact Optical Sound for Promotional Videos – A brief focussed video can be the best medium to get your message accross. Promotional Videos can cost as little as £500 and duplicating costs can be as little as £1 to £2 per copy

Contact Paul Bishop on

01364 73416 or 07970 616188