Weddings Discreetly
and Professionally Recorded
Weddings are very special occasions. It is invaluable to have a professional Video Recording to revive your happy memories. Many customers tell us that they see many things that happened that they were not aware of on the day. We specialise in Wedding Videos. We have been making them for thirty years. This experience means we can make good recordings in difficult situations. We take a pride in the quality of our recordings, and we are concerned that the recording is made as discreetly as possible. Our success in achieving this is demonstrated by the letters from our customers reproduced on the opposite page.

The following four general plans can be adapted to meet your particular wishes.

A- Initial Music with titles. Bride, Groom and Guests arriving at the Church. Marriage Ceremony. Bride, Groom and Guests leaving for the Reception. Titles at the end of the recording listing the principal people and ‘Summary of the Day’

B- The Recording outlined in A, and the Reception, including speeches and cutting of the cake

C- The Recording outlined in A & B above and approximately two hours recording of the Evening Celebration

Photographs of the Bride and Groom growing up
Bride at home prior to the Wedding